Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rachid El Khalifi's Status at Cambuur

It seems that Cambuur has shifted their focus in the last couple of weeks away from Rachid El Khalifi being a starter. El Khalifi had been a regular starter, and has not been selected to start for this weekends action. I'm not sure if this is a sign that they think he'll be departing soon, or if they like Maachi's ability instead.

With Garth Lagerway's comments that El Khalifi was the most talented trialist that they brought in during this offseason but that he's "quite a bit more expensive" than the other guys could this recent development play into RSL's hands? We heard that El Khalifi had rejected RSL's initial offer and was waiting for a follow-up offer. Is it in RSL's best interest to wait it out? Does El Khalifi's bargaining power go down as he sits on the bench?

As Lagerway indicated - until we see signs that this current RSL group, composed mostly of holdovers from last season, is not cutting it - then there is no hurry to rush him in to the team. (Although it can be difficult to integrate a player with a different style during the season).

I have no idea where negotiations stand, but it will be interesting to see this one play out.