Thursday, March 26, 2009

Practice, Lunch and Shameless Plugs

I managed to battle the weather long enough to make it out to practice at the Spence Eccles Fieldhouse. Really, nothing noteworthy to report. A lot of training was focused on specific skills - finishing, crossing and distribution out of the back. Not much on the injury front - other than Ian Joy's hamstring. I'm also not sure of Tino Nunez' status following his surgery, although he is back practicing at full strength. Based on watching Robbie Russell practicing today, I would amend my earlier starting XI prediction and pencil him in at that right back spot ahead of Beltran.

After lunch we headed over to Caputo's for lunch (shameless plug number 1). It was myself, Dan Sheldon, Dunny, Elliot and Koluder. It was interesting hearing about some of the prep work for KUTV's broadcast of Saturdays match against the Sounders (shameless plug number 2). I think they'll do a great job with it. Dunny knows the MLS inside and out and I was impressed with Sheldon's knowledge to this point, and it's obvious that he's been immersing himself in everything RSL. Make sure you catch this - it will also feature some footage that I witnessed being taken in Charleston.

Dunny and I also talked about blogs a little bit. I'm sure you are familiar with The Original Winger (shameless plug number 3), if not check it out. It's a quality blog, that shows not just news, facts, and opinion; but is geared around the soccer culture and lifestyle. Dunny also shared some interesting stories from his experience in the league, none of which are fit for public consumption. Just kidding!

Anyway the result of this is that I am finally getting anxious for this match and looking forward to it. I had been a bit lethargic about it until now because it seemed so far out. But now that it's only a little over two days away I'm starting to get pumped for RSL's first kick.