Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Keepin’ it Real With Javi Morales

I was able to chat briefly with Javier Morales on Monday, and here are a few questions and answers. Done completely in English I might add.


KIR: What’s it gonna be like facing Schelotto this week?

Morales: It’s good because he’s a big player. Here he’s a big player and in Argentina. It’s good for me versus him. I wish that he doesn’t play well, and I hope we will win.

KIR: Is he a player you watched when you were younger?

Morales: Yeah, yes. I changed my shirts with him in Argentina when he played for Boca and I have his jersey like a trophy for me because it’s very important. I like him and how he plays. He’s a good person and I like him.

KIR: Do you know him at all?

Morales: No. No. I talked with him and sometimes when I play versus him, but no I don’t know him.