Monday, February 9, 2009

Will Johnson on MLS-Daily

A friend of ours at MLS-Daily has scored a weekly segment with Will Johnson, Growing Up on The Cop. Here is the first segment, a very interesting read:

Welcome to the first edition of my blog, "Growing Up on The Kop."

After moving from Toronto at the age of 1, we were back in the city my parents called home, Liverpool. For the next 9 years of my life I grew up idolizing Robbie Fowler, Jaime Redknapp, Steve Mcmanaman, and Ian Rush. I developed an everlasting passion for my beloved Liverpool side. Schooldays were filled with conversations on the latest premiership news and the weekend's fixtures. Recess teams were divided up based upon if you were a Liverpool fan or an Everton one. The memory of attending my very first match in the Liverpool Kop end has stuck with me forever. This is how I developed my passion for the game and knew from an early age that I would do everything I could to one day be in the shoes of my idols, playing professionally.

It's been a long road to Real Salt Lake for me as a 22-year-old. Of course if people are interested about my journey then as the blog continues I will share some of my past experiences both domestically and abroad.

Read the rest of the post, including comments about their time in Oxnard - GROWING UP ON THE KOP #1.