Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughts on Rachid El Khalifi

I have been collecting some thoughts on Rachid El Khalifi from Cambuur supporters. It's quite interesting because some don't believe that he deserves to be a starter for them. Others seem to think that he is a great team player, good with the ball at his feet, and a good passer. Here are some other thoughts that I received:

  • "He's not very fast, but his speed with the ball is good."
  • He's not a pure goal scorer.
  • A true winger, not striker material.
  • He wants to come to Real Salt Lake. He was impressed with his time here. (Really? He was with the team for 10 days at the start of training camp.)
  • "He can be very important for a team. I like his spirit and effusiveness."
  • He is having a good year with Cambuur.
  • "He' s very useful but only in a team that has a good form."
  • The contract negotiation is a typical thing that European players do.

The assumption by everyone appears that he'll end up with RSL. Estimate by one person that he makes "40,000 to 50,000 euros a year, plus bonus". That's only $65,000 plus bonus. Even if that's $100,000, I would assume we can make a deal with him if he is really that low. I have heard other estimates that he could make as much as double that amount.