Friday, February 27, 2009

South Seating Displacement/USL-1 Opponent

Keepin' It Real was able to learn today that due to the concert plans during the upcoming season there may be some seats in the South End that are displaced for periods of time during the season. However this will not affect the seats of any season ticket holders, but will simply affect some of the seats that may be sold for single game seating.

The issue is the roof or awning for the concert area. This may remain in place during certain stretches of the season, and will displace seats in the area. This may be partly an issue of schedule and logistics (it takes over 48 hours to take down or put up the stage) and financial (the equipment and manpower to do this is quite costly). The exact impact is not known and will not be known for 2-3 weeks.

On another note, the team expects to announce next week the USL-1 opponent that it will play on March 21st in an exhibition match at Rio Tinto Stadium. It sounds like an agreement either has been reached or is close to being finalized but the announcement has been deferred until next week. Who would you like to see? Austin? Portland? Vancouver? I would assume that Charleston will be off of the list since the two teams will have played each other just prior to that.