Thursday, February 19, 2009

Solorzano Contract Negotiation

Apparantly Jeancarlo Solorzano's trial with RSL being held up has nothing to do with RSL, but stems from an ongoing negotiation between the player and his club, Alajuelense. At issue is a potential 1-yr contract extension. This comes courtesy of Ovacion.

San Jose .- The journey of a striker Jean Carlos Solorzano try the Real Salt Lake of MLS is stranded for lack of an agreement between the player and Alajuelense Liga Deportiva.

Table UNDAFs asked to extend his contract for another year, but the player does not want on the terms that the club offered him, according to President Jorge Hidalgo hedgehog.

When consulted by Day this afternoon, Jean Carlos said they were negotiating.

I received a similar response on the topic from Jose Alberto Montenegro at Monumental Radio:

Solórzano didn’t travel yesterday because again the club are disagree with
the agent of the player and with the player. Alajuelense want that Solórzano
sign one year more after the travel, but Solórzano is disagree with the offer.

The topic is very complicated.