Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RSL Wish List for 2009?

After watching the highlight video of the VCF match, it spurred my thinking about something. What qualities do you want to see the team add in 2009? Not what positions you want to see bolstered (left-sided mid and striker seem to be a consensus), but what qualities do you want to see incoming players have or what collective qualities of the team would you like to see develop. Think about it first, and then read my thoughts after the jump.

So here are the individual talents that I'd like to see added:

1) An outside back with speed and accurate tackling ability to shut down speedy wing play.

2) Another player with playmaking ability to supplement Javier Morales. Mastroeni shut him down in the final match last season, taking RSL out of their game.

3) An attacking player who can take the ball at an opponent AND get the shot off.

4) A pure, deadly, clinical finisher.

5) A speedy player on the wing who can consistently get in accurate crosses.

6) A defensive-minded player with the bite of a Kovalenko.

7) A target forward, who can knock the ball down, hold it up, distribute to onrushing attackers AND score with his feet (okay now I'm just getting greedy).

8) A team with a killer instinct on the road.

So this is my wish list. Of course, if we can get a couple of these we will likely be lucky. What about yours?