Friday, February 13, 2009

New Striker on Trial in Florida?

Jean Carlos Solorzano

This news comes courtesy of Big Soccer poster and fellow blogger, rslfm.

He currently plays for Liga Deportiva Alajuelense in the Costa Rican Primera Division. The 5'11" striker just turned 21 last month. He has been on the soccer scene for about 3 years in Costa Rica and has scored 9 goals in 29 appearances with his club. Here are some video clips of him: 5 Solorzano goals.

Word is that Kyle Beckerman has made some contacts with Costa Rican soccer players while making his annual surfing trip to Costa Rica. Could this be one of them?

Based on my reading of this kid, I'm concerned if he is "the answer" for the vacant striker position. He is younger and less experienced than Findley and Movsisyan. My preference was that we bring in a more experienced player for this role. He hasn't been extremely prolific in the Costa Rican league. 9 goals in 29 appearances in a league that arguably is of lower quality than MLS isn't bad, but it's not overwhelming either. However, he did score 8 goals in 17 games in the most recent run of play.

Could this be one of those trials that are aimed at giving the kid a look, and keeping him in mind for the future? Or is this a serious alternative to Luis Escalada? It's impossible to say with the limited information that we have at this time.

Although KIR's eye witness reports out of California camp described Escalada as out of shape, I would be surprised if he still doesn't have the inside track to win this job. Escalada has shown to be a more prolific scorer, and is highly regarded. Having said that, he has to show that he can get to a point of quality form and fitness.

What are your thoughts?