Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Tuesday Updates

A few additional updates:

  • Negotiations with Rachid El Khalifi are still in process. No word on the exact status. Best estimates are that he probably currently makes around $200K. This makes this situation precarious as there is little room to play with due to salary cap constraints.

  • Garth Lagerway continues the hunt for attacking talented, and is reportedly back in South America.

  • Despite the hype courtesy of Dema Kovalenko's favorite coach, Juan Carlos Osario, St. Preux is thought to be a marginal player and if he were to make the team would likely be a developmental player. This probably rules out the likelihood that NYRB filed a discovery claim on him.

  • Meanwhile...word is that Escalada's fitness has improved significantly than when he first arrived. So something else was to blame for the missed PK.

  • Expect an announcement soon (possibly tomorrow) about RSL's exhibition opponent for March 21st. Rumor is that it will be a USL-1 opponent, not the standby PDL foes (BYU, Ogden).

  • Also, we could have an announcement on the All-Star opponent as soon as next week.