Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Latest RSL Trialist: Carlos Salazar

The latest in a long line of RSL trialists this offseason is Carlos Salazar a 27 year old attacking midfielder from Colombia who has plied his trade with Deportivo Cali, in Bolivia, with Colo Colo in Chile and interestingly enough with Alajuelense in Costa Rica.

Here is a list of trialists that the team has had in camp this off-season:

David Hertel (gone)
Rachid El Khalifi (gone, but contract discussions reportedly underway)
Kennedy Owusu-Ansah (gone, but reportedly some interest from RSL)
Alexander Viveros (gone)
Steve Clark (still around)
Jorginho Paulista (gone)
Luis Miguel Escalada (still around)
Akarandut Orok (gone, short-lived)
Leonel St Preux (still around)

Jean Carlos Solorzano (never made it)