Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Few Small Camp Tidbits

I was hoping to get some camp info today, but unfortunately my contact there has fallen ill. There are a few things that he did pass along:
  • Viveros was again delayed because of visa issues.
  • Apparantly Viveros and Olave are close. I know that they played together for two seasons, but I hadn't really thought about this. If Olave's girlfriend and child are still not here, this could be really welcome for Olave.
  • Escalada and Jorginho are very friendly, and are extremely excited about the opportunity with RSL and with MLS.
In addition, my source is very familiar with the Ventura County team. He gave me his impression of Alexandre. He believes that despite the backlash about the pick, Jean will be a very good player in the league once he adjusts to that level (yes-he may be biased). He told me to imagine a player like Findley but with strength and size that can play with their back to the goal.

FINALLY- Check back often. On Sunday we'll have insight coming directly from the match.

Sun., Feb. 8 – RSL vs. Ventura County Fusion – 8:00 p.m. MT