Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Camp Update From Javier Morales

Javier Morales was kind enough to pass along his perspective on training camp. Please note, we received this prior to the USF match, but are late in getting it up because of translation. Here are Javi's thoughts:

Impressions about training camp: The truth is that the preseason is very difficult, but luckily the work we are doing is very good and we are training well; above all we know that what we are doing now is very important for the rest of the season.

Impressions about the preseason games: I have not yet participated in any of the games, but my teammates have played well and we are about to begin to play more competitive games, and we hope to do well.

What do you do away from the field: Not much because the majority of the time we are training, but in the little time that remains one passes on the internet or in our rooms, because while we’re away it is the only moment we have to speak with family.

On the weather: Luckily it is a little more temperate here now than in Salt Lake and we can enjoy it a little more.

Anything interesting that is happening: Not right now ha ha!

Impressions on players/trialists: They are young players with a lot of desire to stick with the team, but the team is already strong so there are few possibilities for them, but one respects their desire to join the team.

How unified is the team?: We are very unified and this helps us get to know each other even better as we spend so much time together.

Injuries: There are many in camp especially when the training sessions are demanding like ours, but luckily none of these injuries have been serious. Let’s hope it continues this way!

Comparisons between this year and last: I think the biggest difference is that last year we were a group of people who only recently got to know each other, but now we know each other well and we have a little more experience. If God wills this year will be even better than the last!

Literally anything else: A greeting to all of the fans of Real – we hope you support us this year as well as you did last year!

Thanks again to Javi for helping us all to Keep it Real!

(and many thanks to Bill for the translation)