Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Look at the Preseason Roster

As the preseason for RSL enters its second half, there will be a shift in focus from taking looks at new faces and concentrating on conditioning. The focus will likely now be on putting the team together, seeing what various combinations on the field can do, and getting ready for league play.

Under the new league roster rules, the team can have 18-20 senior roster spots, and 4 developmental spots. The team has 3 Generation Adidas players who count as developmental contracts, so they only have 1 developmental roster up for grabs. So what will that final roster look like? Most of it is fairly well set.

Current Roster
1. GK: Rimando, Nick (#18)
2. GK: Reynish, Kyle (#24)
3. D: Wingert, Chris (#17)
4. D: Joy, Ian (#13)
5. D: Borchers, Nat (#6)
6. D: Olave, Jamison (#22) Int'l, Colombia
7. D: Horst, David (#33)
8. D/M: Russell, Robbie (#3)
9. M: Beckerman, Kyle (#5)
10. M: Morales, Javier (#11) Int'l, Argentina
11. M: Williams, Andy (#77)
12. M: Johnson, Will (#8)
13. M: Mathis, Clint (#84)
14. F: Findley, Robbie (#10)
15. F: Movsisyan, Yura (#14)
16. F: Nunez, Tino (#25)
17. GK: Seitz, Chris (#1) GA
18. D/M: Beltran, Tony (#2) GA
19. M/F: Nimo, Alex (#7) GA
20. M: Tennelle, Brennan (#29)
21. M: Alexandre, Jean


22. F: Cox, Raphael
23. F: Escalada, Luis Miguel (Argentinian)
24. M: Salazar, Carlos (Argentinian)
25. F:St. Preux, Leonel (Haitian)
26. M/F: El Khalifi, Rachid (Dutch/Moroccan)
27. GK: Clark, Steve

As you can see there are currently 27 players in the mix. With a maximum roster size of 24 players, that means that at least 3 of these players will not make the team. So who will they be? Let's start by picking out the players that will definitely make the team:

Sure Things

  1. GK: Rimando, Nick (#18)
  2. D: Wingert, Chris (#17)
  3. D: Joy, Ian (#13)
  4. D: Borchers, Nat (#6)
  5. D: Olave, Jamison (#22)
  6. D/M: Russell, Robbie (#3)
  7. M: Beckerman, Kyle (#5)
  8. M: Morales, Javier (#11)
  9. M: Williams, Andy (#77)
  10. M: Johnson, Will (#8)
  11. M: Mathis, Clint (#84)
  12. F: Findley, Robbie (#10)
  13. F: Movsisyan, Yura (#14)
  14. GK: Seitz, Chris (#1) GA
  15. D/M: Beltran, Tony (#2) GA
  16. D: Horst, David (#33)
  17. M/F: Nimo, Alex (#7) GA
  18. M: Alexandre, Jean

Aside from the 18 "Sure Things" there are several players that will likely make the team.

In the case of El Khalifi, it’s just a matter of reaching a contractual agreement. Everything I have read leads me to believe that there is a good chance that this will happen. However, the recent addition of Carlos Salazar may be an indicator that the team is looking for a backup plan.

Cox is sounding more and more like a lock, especially at a developmental level. If he makes the team, Tennelle could be on the outside looking in as I doubt they would offer either player a senior spot. Nunez is also very likely unless another forward is brought into the mix. None of these 3 would be expected to be significant contributors.

The one to watch in this group is Escalada, who appears to be working his way toward a contract. His fitness has improved and the staff reportedly likes his finishing ability. Does Garth’s recent trip to South America indicate he is looking for a fallback plan here?


  1. M/F: El Khalifi, Rachid
  2. F: Cox, Raphael
  3. F: Nunez, Tino (#25)
  4. M: Tennelle, Brennan (#29)
  5. F: Escalada, Luis Miguel (Argentine)

That would leave just one position to fill from the remaining 4 players. And that player appears to be a 3rd keeper. I initially thought that Clark may have a slight edge here because he wouldn’t occupy a senior roster spot and would be slightly less expensive. However, I had understood that you could have 6 developmental spots if you only had 18 senior spots. That's not the case, so the 3rd keeper position becomes a matter of who the staff feels is the better player even if the distinction is slight.


  1. GK: Clark, Steve
  2. GK: Reynish, Kyle (#24)
  3. F:St. Preux, Leonel (Haitian)
  4. M: Salazar, Carlos (Argentine)

We’ll see some players cut on Monday because of the compliance deadline. Keep in mind that we could see another face or two pop-up from Garth’s trip which would have an impact on this. I’ll be back to give you my thoughts on the quality of this roster. In the meantime, what are your thoughts?