Friday, January 30, 2009

Toronto Fans Lament Over KOA Trial at RSL

Ever since the release of the training camp roster, there has been alot of chatter coming from our friends up North expressing desires to have Mo Johnston give Canadian Youth National Kennedy Osuwu-Ansah a chance with TFC. Here is one blurb from The Footy Blog:

Canadian full-back Kennedy Owusu-Ansah is on trial at Real Salt Lake. I know I say this every time a young Canadian comes to play in MLS (see Will Johnson as an example) but goddam - I really wish Mo Johnston would have been on top of this kid. I love KOA. I thought he was one of only two or three Canadian players who actually performed well in the 2007 U-20 World Cup. He's got some pretty good ball skills (he's one of the few Canucks you'll ever see execute a step-over in a game) and at age 19 he'd be perfect to groom for the right-back position if and when Marvell Wynne bolts for Europe.
Here is another discussion you can follow on The Red Patch Boys Forum.