Friday, January 30, 2009

Other Media Day Tidbits

A few other tidbits from today:

Robbie is coming off of recent shoulder surgery (rotator cuff) that he had done here in Utah. He is not supposed to have contact for 4 weeks, but can participate in light practice. He isn't sure what happened to cause the injury, but indicated that he did receive an elbow in the back during the NYRB game (if I recall he came off the pitch for this). When asked about his role this year, he indicated that he is hoping to play in the midfield this season.

The captain of the team indicated that this team should get out of the gate much more quickly this season. He also indicated that he is okay if the team asks him to play a holding role (although its too early to know if this will be the case), as long as the team is scoring. He said that if the team isn't scoring he's going to be up the field and in the mix of things. Good attitude if you ask me.

I think you'll like this kid. He explained that he grew up in South Africa, and was playing soccer at the college level there, when he was discovered by Alabama A&M. He is confident about his ability, and claims that his age is a positive, because he won't still be learning and developing like some of the younger ones. He has a bit of a Jar Jar Binks quality to him. You'll see.

This kid has a good head on his shoulders. He describes himself as a left-sided player with quickness and good crossing and passing ability. He also likes to tuck in, which will suit him well in a Kreis coached midfield. He understands the need to step it up at this level.

He has high expectations for this season. He is focused in making sure that the team improves "in all aspects" this season. He doesn't feel that new additions are required to improve, but just being together and building consistency should help. In particular, he thinks they should be much more successful on the road, particularly early on. He doesn't feel that the stadium will dictate tactics, but the quality of the players that they have going into the season (i.e. new additions) may dictate tactical changes.

Is rooting for Arizona in the Superbowl. It seems Larry Fitzgerald was on his fantasy team. Also explained that his buddy Ben Olsen is still feeling pain, but is going to try to give it a go this season.

Would welcome the opportunity to play on his natural right-side, but doesn't mind playing on the left. Played with KOA (Osuwu-Ansah) with Canadian YNT. Indicated that he is a very talented player. He needs nurturing, and needs vets to show him the ropes. He's very atheletic and with some coaching and mentoring can be a very good player in this league.

Had much more down time this offseason than last. Is looking forward to hopefully getting some starts this season. Was disappointed that this didn't happen last season.

Several Players
Several players made similar comments: Looking forward to having a preseason with this team. Hoping that the team can find a way to get developmental players some game action. Confident that the team will be able to take a step forward this year.

Not in Attendance
Olave, Viveros, Wingert and Owusu-Ansah were not present. Olave had some visa issues, but is expected to arrive soon. Viveros and Owusu-Ansah are also expected to arrive soon. Wingert of course is in camp with the National Team.