Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mock Drafts

With the draft tomorrow, I thought I'd take a look at what others are projecting. I'm not informed enough to do my own mock draft (although if I get the time I may give it a shot), but here are thoughts from others who are, including their projected choice for RSL:

MLSDraft.net Mock Draft: Mock Draft V4.0
RSL's Pick: Matt Besler

SBI MLS Mock Draft (v. 4.0)
12. Real Salt Lake- Daniel Cruz, M, UNLV
If there is one position RSL lacks more than most it is a right-sided player and Cruz projects to be a tough righting winger. The youngest player in the draft, Cruz is still considered one of the most physically gifted. A strong and fit player who can find the net on his own as well as deliver good crosses in, Cruz can also be used up top if needed.

WVH Mock Draft
12. Real Salt Lake: Mike Grella (Duke) -> of course we know this isn't going to happen as Grella is not in the draft
Jason Kreis is a Duke guy and I think he will take one of his own. While RSL needs a solid defensive midfielder or just a midfielder in general I think they will be hard pressed not to take a striker here. Grella will be that guy I believe.

2009 MLS Mock Draft
RSL's Pick: Jeremy Hall

Big Soccer: Media Man
RSL's Pick: Sam Cronin (I like this one, but ain't gonna happen)

Also, here is the link to 3rd Degree's position rankings as a reference:

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