Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mock Drafts - Part Deux

Here is Kyle McCarthy's mock draft. I would give it more weight than the one's posted yesterday for two reasons: 1) I've become a fan of Kyle's over the last year and in my opinion he's a good writer, but more importantly he has great soccer/MLS knowledge; and 2) this is the most recent mock draft and in the days leading up to and during the combine everything can get turned upside down.

I will add any other mock's that I come across today and will try to find the time tonight to put together my own version.

12. Real Salt Lake -- Danny Cruz, UNLV midfielder (GA): Wingers and/or fullbacks should be the order of the day for RSL here. Since Jason Kreis' current alignment doesn't believe in wingers, RSL can afford to pick Cruz and let him ferment for a couple of years. One caveat: remember how RSL stepped off the board last year to pluck David Horst from relative obscurity at the tail end of the first round.


SBI MLS Mock Draft (Version 5.0)
12. Real Salt Lake- Kyle Patterson

and more detail on ESPNSoccernet:
12. Real Salt Lake -- Kyle Patterson, St. Louis, M
RSL is looking for a right winger and Patterson was one of the more impressive ones at the combine. He is quick enough to beat defenders and passes well, but he didn't show off much crossing ability, which might keep him from going this high. RSL could also turn to a forward, such as O'Brian White or Jordan Seabrook, or a defender such as Notre Dame's Matt Besler, who was one of the more impressive central defenders in the combine.

WVH Final Mock Draft
12. Real Salt Lake: Daniel Cruz (UNLV)
Cruz will be more of a project pick for whomever takes him I believe. RSL doesn’t need a winger but they are good at keeping guys on a roster for a couple years to develop (see Chris Seitz). Cruz will sit and wait his time unless he shows up and blows away Jason Kries in pre-season camp.

Also, here is Buzz Carrick's (3rd Degree, ESPNsoccernet) list of the top 20 draft prospects.

Interesting question, with Grella not yet signing an MLS contract and making noise about going to Europe, would RSL take a chance on him knowing that they could be in a position of waiting a couple of years for his return from Europe? Garth Lagerway indicated that any draftee at the 12th spot will likely not contribute immediately, so maybe drafting a guy to send over to Europe for some training would actually be a GOOD thing? Of course, there is alot of risk in this approach.