Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kovalenko to Galaxy

UPDATE: According to the SL Tribune this has been confirmed with a team representative and the pick is a 2011 conditional pick.
Note: this deal is not official. I expect to have more info later today.

Goff is reporting that Kovalenko has been traded to LAG for draft picks and allocation dollars. Here is the story:

A deal we hinted at several weeks ago is about to be finalized: Veteran
midfielder Dema Kovalenko from Real Salt Lake to Los Angeles for a draft pick
and some allocation money.

My thoughts on this? I think Dema is a good veteran to have around. I know that he helped Yura alot to stay mentally focused throughout the season and his intensity was always present both at practice and on the pitch. He clearly wasn't part of the long term plans for the team, and I think his position can be upgraded although it's not a sure bet to do so. In addition, his high salary $200K last season is too much to pay for someone who isn't at least one of your top 5 players. In addition, in 2009 RSL needs allocation $$$ perhaps more than any other time and we had very little.

On a personal note, I'll miss Dema out on the practice field. He helped keep things lively, and I got the sense that he was a really quality guy and one that all of his teammates liked.