Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ian Joy and Kenny Deuchar

With the completion of the Dema Kovalenko trade to the LAG today, here is some of my speculation on Ian Joy and Kenny Deuchar:

Ian Joy
Ian started training this week with Fortuna Dusseldorf, see German language reports here and here. I believe that Ian will not be back to RSL this season. Why? Here are my thoughts:
  • I talked to Ian at the end of the season and he said he was still trying to make a decision, but said that he had two reasons for maybe returning to Germany. First, his daughter is there. Second, he did better financially when he was in Europe.
  • If he is training with Fortuna who is a 3 Bundesliga team, they likely know him well from his days at St. Pauli. Since he played previously for a 2nd Bundesliga team I can't imagine him not having the ability to make the Fortuna side. So it's hard to imagine why he wouldn't catch on with the club.
Kenny Deuchar
Garth and Jason have both said this week that they expect a decision on Deuchar's status within about a week or so. Translation: they have a deal in mind for him and are trying to work out the details OR they are closing in on an incoming player and if they make that deal work Deuchar is a goner. Here is why I think he'll be gone:
  • I talked to Kenny at length late in the season last year, and he was obviously disappointed with his situation here. Much of that was disappointment in his own game, but there was clear frustration there.
  • If RSL keeps Deuchar, I think they need to make tactical changes to better utilize his abilities. Most notably, they need to emphasis wide play, and quality deliveries into the box. Kreis loves the 4-4-2 system (Dallas Burn version) that has been employed here, and quite frankly it was highly successful last year. While during 2009, I think we may see a bit more focus on wing play, I don't see the team making that radical of a change.
  • The rule change makes it possible to buy out a players guaranteed contract, so RSL now has a mechanism to severe ties with Deuchar. Another option is that he is "loaned" out to a European club or traded within the MLS.