Monday, December 1, 2008

Bone Marrow Donor Drive

First of all - blog updates will be sporadic throughout the month of December as news comes across. Come January updates will return to a more regular rhythm.

Here is an announcement about a donor drive for the benefit of Marcia Williams at Rio Tinto Stadium on Dec 13th. This comes courtesy of
Behind the Shield:

A Season For Giving… The recent health struggles of Marcia Williams (wife of RSL midfielder Andy Williams) have been well chronicled here and in other places. Many of you have graciously offered your support time and again. Well now is the time that we can really make it happen.

As you may know, the treatment of Marcia’s condition requires the usage of a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, to this point, an appropriate donor has not been found. Hopefully that will change on Saturday, December 13 when Real Salt Lake hosts a bone marrow drive at Rio Tinto Stadium from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We ask that anyone willing join us in the Center Circle Club at the stadium and undergo free testing to see if you’re a match. All it takes is a little paperwork and a swab of your cheek. In order for Marcia to survive, it is essential that a matching donor. For the sake of Marcia, Andy, and their two daughters, let’s make this happen.

If you are still curious for more information, head over to for info on Marcia’s condition and for more on what it means to be a bone marrow donor.