Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Midweek Thoughts

I planned on attending practice today but with the weather situation there was a last minute change in venue. But I did get to talk to Coach Kreis and a couple of players.

Jason is adamant that the team will come out in attacking style. He expects much more intensity and attacking style from Chivas.

There is some thought that with Alecko (and potentially others) returning to the lineup, and playing on a wider pitch that the flow of the game will naturally be different than at RTS. However, Beckerman feels that RSL playing their own game, playing good attacking soccer and keeping the ball out of the possession of Chivas was the reason for the style of game that Chivas was able to play on Saturday (I still think that they were playing conservative and hoping to either draw or get a goal from a counter).

By all accounts the players appear confident, loose and anxious to get out there and play. At they same time they want to show the world that they belong, and that they can "make some noise" throughout this playoffs.

I hear that Fabi looked in good form in practice with apparantly no noticeable remnant of the injury. Look for him to potentially play a larger role on Saturday.

On another note, there were less than 10 signed up for the bus trip and so it was cancelled. At last check there was airfare available for a little over $150 and the team has arranged a ticket deal for $14. If you can swing it either by air or by car, I encourage you to go and show the Chivas supporters what we can bring to their house. The team will thrive on the support as the experience in Colorado shows.