Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stadium Series: Part 2


Today, Real Salt Lake President Bill Manning unveiled the teams final parking plan to the media. This is part of an effort to inform the public about the details so that there can be as few hiccups as possible for the first two events to be held there on October 9th and 18th.

Below is a chart listing the nearly 6,700 parking spots. The 631 spots on stadium proper will be available to permit holders only and will be doled out to media, team, and VIP ticket holders. Approximately 4,000 of these will be "free" spots. Around 1,000 will be cash lots, where you can pay upon arrival. And the 1,000 spots at the Southtown Expo Center will be prepaid only (call 924-8585 to make arrangements - will be available on the website soon). The team is actively working to try to continue to expand these available lots. They also expect local businesses to spring up with additional paid lots.

The parking plan will include 3-seperate shuttle routs also provided by the team, to bring in guests from the outlying lots. These shuttles routes will be approximately 15 minutes, but there will be multiple shuttles so the wait time should be less than that.

In addition to parking and shuttles, two additional elements will be put in place to ease the flow of traffic:
  • Sandy City will provide police to manage pedestrian traffic, particularly at the busy intersection on 9400 South and State Street.
  • Sandy City will also make a second temporary right turn lane from 90th South onto State Street to expedite the flow of traffic toward the stadium.

This information will be deciminated throughout media outlets over the next week leading up to the opener. In addition, a map of this will be provided to all of those who purchase tickets.