Friday, September 5, 2008

Match Notes & Photos

Practice Notes - September 5th, 2008

The practice was relatively short - about 1 hr 15 min's. The mood seemed to be good, even Coach Kreis had a couple of chuckles. As they broke up into teams by color of the penny that they were wearing, they all seemed to be quite competitive. Here are a few tidbits that I picked up:
  • Borchers, Joy and Kovalenko will all travel with the team to LA.
  • Dema feels that his "lungs" aren't at 100% and his passing isn't as accurate as he'd like it after being out for several weeks and only participating lightly in most practices.
  • Balc and Harada - the two trialists who played in the Tigres match - are still with the team. I'm wondering if Sturgis may go on the inactive roster with his injury and they may bring in one of these guys - just speculation.
  • Strength and conditioning coach, Dan Barlow, was trying out a high tech device which apparantly measured the heart rate of players on the practice field. It consisted of a device around the players chest with a wireless transmitter, and a laptop with a wireless receiver. Based on this, they would ask certain players to cool down. The only down fall is it slowed practice down at times as they had to get the readings of each player.