Monday, August 25, 2008

RMC Smackdown

RMC Smackdown

With the impending clash of our beloved Real Salt Lake and the much hated Crapids, we thought it would be fun to take a few shots at the enemy. First up, Donk lobs some missiles over the Wasatch Front. If you like Donk's thoughts you can read more of his opinions here - Donk's Blog.

It's that time of the season again when an unmistakable smell wafts over the Wasatch from the east. Yes, the smell of the Colorado cRapids and their team who's been shut out in 3 of their last four matches. For once that smell does not include the stench from on Fernando Clavijo who the cRapids mercifully "came to a mutually amicable agreement" with and will no longer be around when the 2 tons of maggot dropping that used to be his team come calling. This is unfortunate for RSL though, we could always count of Fernando to pull the trigger on some monumental trade that sent RSL half the usable talent on their team for a couple of beads, an inflatable companionship goat and a jar of Vaseline.

I guess that is forgivable since Kronke and company are really more interested in Arsenal (got to take it up the Arse) than the team who just takes up space in their new concert venue that was built on the remains of on of the military's premier nuclear dumping grounds. What's up with the roof of that anyway, I know they cut every corner they could when it came to building costs, but you would think they would at least rise above having a few pieces of sheet metal for a roof. Of course, Denver is just little more than a third-world country anyway, so I guess it fits. I do believe that they are looking to book Simon and Garfunkel for the next concert there, afterall, where else can you hear the "Sound of Silence" than at the Dick? At least RSL fans don't consistently get out sung at their own house. Given how it seems that KSE's brownshirts do not seem to like anyone doing anything but buying a ticket, sitting for 90 minutes, and and making a sound, I can't help but wonder where all the parents of the "supporter's groups" have gone? Aren't AYSO teams supposed to come accompanied by an adult?

What is it with Denver's professional sports teams anyway, why is it that they all seem to require anti-psychotic medications and shock treatment? While Pablo could certainly benefit from having a few thousand volts run through him, he's nowhere near as crazy as anyone who plays for the Nuggets.

Now, keep your eyes out at View From the Couch to see if those weenies respond.