Monday, July 7, 2008

A View From the Other Side: Santos Laguna

Real Salt Lake -vs- Santos Laguna
Courtesy of Big Soccer poster SoCalDan
(This is the first of two previews by Santos Laguna supporters)

Santos typically uses the 4-4-2, with two holding midfielders.

Daniel Guzman-Coach


This is a typical starting 11, but there are many variations that are regularly used in the midfield. Guzman typically plays very offensive footy. A lot of their attack revolves around the LB/RB pushing forward (a lot!).

Guti Estrada- LB, shortest player in the MFL, but IMO should be on the NT. He's a very complete and consistent player.

Rafael Figueroa- CB solid, nothing special, although he came up huge during the playoffs.

Fernando Ortiz(Argentina) - CB Our best CB, played gimpy throughout the playoffs. Not sure how fit he is now.

Edgar Castillo (Mexican-American)- RB NT This kid is my favorite. His defense is getting better but he is caught out of position at times. He's lightning quick, a great dribbler, destined for European futbol IMO.

Fernando Arce- RM/DM NT Regular, he can play any position in the midfield, solid as they come, decent long distance shooter.

Francisco Torres -RM/DM, IMO better attacker than Arce.

Juan Pablo Rodriguez- DM, solid player

Walter Jimenez Argentino-DM/RM, played mostly DM this season, has a knack for making things happen sometimes.

Daniel Luduena (Argentina)- LM Our best player, when he's "on", the team becomes nasty good. He's deadly with FKs around the box. He may suit up for Mexico.

Cristian Benitez (Ecuador)- ST NT regular. Quick, strong, very good finisher. Can have a rough 1st touch, but damn good.

Matias Vuoso (Argentina)- ST, Very strong, nick named the Bull (very appropriate name btw), very good finisher. He may suit up for Mexico.

My prediction is that Santos will win but will look a little ugly doing it. IMO, unlike most MFL teams Santos Laguna is anxious to start adding international trophies however big or small the tournament is. I think the players will take it seriously...I won't. Personally, I'm just happy my team is getting exposure, they were the best team last two seasons and the organization as a whole wants to make a mark. That all I gots, good luck!