Tuesday, July 15, 2008

RSL Reserves -vs- BYU


No this is not a flashback to 2005. Clint Mathis really was in an RSL kit tonight in the reserve match against BYU. So is this the top-secret trialist? No I don't think so. From what I understand he and Jason Kreis are quite close and he needed a place to practice for a while. His wife is in LA apparantly expecting a baby so he couldn't wander too far from the nest.
As far as the match itself - a couple of early goals by Findley. I missed the first one, but the seond was a nifty move past the keeper after a well timed run caught BYU's defense clearly out of position. A 3rd goal was added late in the match. The match itself was quite a yawner, but the crowd was unbelievable. In fact, I showed up late and found a crowd waiting to buy SRO tickets as the seats were sold out. Fortunately someone came through for me with some extra tickets they had and I was able to get into the match.