Friday, July 25, 2008

Practice Update: Friday July 25, 2008

Robbie Russell

Today's practice included the introduction to the team of Robbie Russell. It's a good thing, because it was an otherwise quiet day. Chris Wingert was missing in action. Beckerman, Kirby, Mantilla and Beltran all left after a few minutes of warmups - I think they left to do strength training early. The remaining players seemed like the walking wounded: Yura, Olave and Espindola were all featuring large quantities of ice after practice. Here are a few other notes:
  • Russell actually showed up a couple of minutes late, and Coach Kreis gave him a hard time saying "late for first practice, huh. That will be a fine."
  • Practice was a little more competitive than Tuesday, but it still seems that these players are fairly loose and comfortable with each other.
  • Russell confirmed that his wife's parents do live in Park City and that is where he will be staying right now.
  • His wife is a teacher in Norway and will be finishing up the next semester there before moving full time.
  • Morales scored in a scrimmage off of a sweet free kick right past Borchers ear.
  • Russell didn't seem too active during the scrimmage (and played it safe by staying back will the other backs often pushed forward), but I'm sure that's part of getting used to the players, coaches, system, etc.
  • I didn't get to see the speed that was advertised, but I was surprised at how stocky and strong he appears to be.
  • Russell indicated that D-mid is probably his strongest spot despite having played right back for the last several years professionally.
  • Robbie seemed to be extremely well spoken and professional.
  • He indicated that he has heard great things about Utah and the people and that he loves what he has seen so far.
  • Apparantly he was in Maryland for a week waiting for the contract to be finalized.
  • Ian Joy mentioned that Russell is well known in Europe and he has seen him play on TV several times. He is known to be a very consistent, solid player.