Friday, July 4, 2008

Post-Game Pics, Recaps and Quotes

This picture may sum up the game for RSL and Coach Kreis

RSL and Houston Battle to Scoreless Draw ->
The mercury was in the mid-90s at kickoff time, and 90 minutes later, that was about all the heat that was created on Thursday night as Real Salt Lake and the Houston Dynamo played to a 0-0 draw at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Houston at Real Salt Lake player grades -> DesNews Blog

Dynamo 0, Real Salt Lake: It could have been worse -> Houston Chronicle Blog/Bernardo Fallas
It could have been a lot worse. Long used to dominating teams with a relentless attack in years past, the Dynamo (4-4-8) found themselves with their backs against the wall. Seventy minutes into the contest, they had been outshot 16-2 - including 12-0 in the second half. Real did everything right, except capitalize on a chance.

Zero goals, emotions high in Utah draw -> MLSNet/John Coon
RSL controlled things most of the way on offense and defense but, once again, struggled with finishing in the final third. They outshot Houston 16-10 for the game, and each team cleared a ball off the line. Real also finished a man down after Chris Wingert was sent off in second-half stoppage time.

Real Salt Lake: Home turf proving to be no advantage -> Deseret News/Michael Black
While Real Salt Lake remained unbeaten at home with its 0-0 draw against the Houston Dynamo, the result was also the third time in four games it settled for a scoreless tie on its home turf

Fit to be tied: Real Salt Lake, Houston battle to a scoreless draw -> Deseret News/James Edward
For most of the match, it seemed like RSL was bound to score, but it couldn't convert on any of its 16 shots. After 75 minutes of playing second fiddle, Houston dominated the final quarter-hour and no doubt feels unlucky not to be walking away with three points by outshooting Salt Lake 6-0 in the final 15 minutes.

(Courtesy of RSL Communications)


On RSL’s play:

“I give my team an enormous amount of credit. They were very passionate tonight. I thought they were in it. We had a fantastic crowd here supporting them. I thought the atmosphere, everything was spectacular tonight, except the referees.”

On RSL’s ability to finish:

“I think our guys played a fantastic game; they created a lot of chances in the second half. You just have to figure that one of those is going to hit somebody’s butt and go in or something. We just need a bounce to go our way, a little bit of luck.”

On the recent controversial calls at home:

“I’m tired of it. I’m exasperated. I’ve just absolutely had it up to my, above my head … I’m only 5’8”. I should be six feet, and it’d still be up to my head. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Every single week we play [at home], I feel like we’re playing away.”

On what it would have meant for RSL to move into first place:

“I think it would’ve meant a lot. I think it would’ve meant a lot to the guys, it would’ve meant a lot to me, it would’ve meant a lot to the whole organization because it was a chance to make some history here. So I’m very disappointed, but I also feel like that chance is going to come again.”


On RSL’s slow first half, and coming out strong in the second half:

“We were trying to press them the whole time. I thought our forwards did a great job. When they got the ball, they would play it up to their guys up top. They have Brian Ching (and) Dwayne De Rosario, two of the better forwards in the League. They battled and our center-backs battled; it was back-and-forth action. Then in the second half we were able to keep it at their end for a bit and really put some pressure on. We had a ton of chances once again, and unfortunately we weren’t able to finish.”

On if there was any explanation on the altercation:

“No, no explanation! I was on the ball, ready to walk away and I got pushed off the ball for no reason, so I pushed somebody back. Then De Rosario and Corey Ashe were both there. We got in a shoving match and that was it. First of all I don’t think there should’ve been any red cards, but for sure if I’m getting a red card, somebody else should too.”


On what Coach Kreis said at halftime:

“That it was there for us. I thought we did really well in the first half and the beginning of the second half. Then we went to a formation switch and it seemed to knock us off a little. They came at us a little, but we just needed to finish. Overall we played well and were the better team.”

On finishing with another tie:

“All our ties have happened when we’ve been the better team; we just haven’t been able to get that final touch. It’s disappointing, but overall we did some good things tonight.”

On teammate Tony Beltran playing in the midfield:

“We actually stayed in the same formation when he came in. He brought a great spark to the team, a lot of energy, and did really well.”


Thoughts on the game:
“Overall, I think we played a little bit better. The attitude and the effort of the guys is the reason we came out with a point. I think we were very, very close there at the end of the game. (Nick) Rimando made some good saves, and Brian (Ching) was inches away from getting the correct touch on Brad’s (Davis) service. It was one of those when you look at the game you kind of feel lucky and you kind of feel unlucky.”On the increase of intensity at the end of the game:
“Sometimes fouls and the speed of calls and controversy get guys revved up. I think that is what happed. Sometimes when you get fouled you get angry. I think our guys got a little bit angrier than they were leading up to the last 20 minutes."


On RSL MF Kyle Beckerman’s early chance:
“I was thinking ‘Uh-oh, I hope it hits me.’ It had a bit of spin on it I think, and it just handcuffed him. I think he was of two minds, whether to hit it first time or take a touch. Fortunately for me it just skipped up on him, and he didn’t get a good touch on it. We dodged a bit of a bullet there.”

On the play of RSL FW Kenny Deuchar:
“When they took Deuchar off, I think we breathed a big sigh of relief. He was flicking stuff on and causing all sorts of problems. We hadn’t dealt with him all night. Granted he probably missed a few opportunities I’m sure he would like back. On the same token, he was providing a lot of headaches for us, and once he came off, I thought that is when we started getting our foot on the game a little bit.”


On the late game scuffle:
“There was just a foul called and a scrum happened. A couple of guys got in each other’s faces, which is normal. It is an intense game. Both teams are tied in points. If we win we are at the top, and if they win they are at the top. It just gets intense, which is expected. I don’t think it is right for their player to come in and to throw a punch, but it happened, and the referee I think did the right thing and took care of it."

On getting another tie:
“It is another tie; we’re disappointed. Anytime we come out without three points, even though it is a point on the road, the team isn’t happy. We come to try and get three points every week. I think it shows in the attitude we take to the field and the work ethic we take to the field every week. “


On the stoppage time dispute at the end of the match and whether a mistake was made:

“No, it is four minutes from 90:00. The signboard was raised at minute 92 because of the mass confrontation in front of the benches.”