Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Borgetti to RSL?

MLS-rumors.com is reporting that Mexican striker, Jared Borgetti is coming to RSL. Before you run out to buy a Borghetti jersey keep in mind that this is not a website that has a reputation for journalistic integrity and backing up stories with multiple primary resources. However, a Big Soccer poster who has proven to be often accurate on these deals has also reported this. If it is true here are my thoughts:

Why this would make sense for RSL?

  • It's PR genius. The club has been trying to tap into the local Mexican fanbase with little success. This could convert them en masse.
  • He has scored a billion goals in his career.
  • He could teach some of our younger strikers a thing or two.
  • It might be a good move for the league, bringing in other Mexican (and international) fans giving additional credibility to the league.
  • This would create an added level of excitement as the team moves into the new stadium (and more importantly the season for signing up for season tickets).
  • RSL is actually in a competitive position and who knows maybe this could be the move that makes them the team to beat.
  • Dude has 90 NT caps, scoring on average about every other match.

Why this doesn't make sense for RSL?

  • Borgetti is 35. This season is nearly 2/3rds done. He'll be 36 next season. That's a wee bit long in the tooth for a striker (sorry Brian McBride).
  • I resent the fact that other leagues view the MLS as "where dinosaurs go to die". This could reinforce that.
  • Is he the type of striker we need? More importantly do we have the correct style of play to support him?
  • Would it be more productive to try to find that young player, a diamond in the rough, similar to Olave and Morales?
  • This may be viewed as a desperate play for the Mexican crowd.
  • This would likely quell the Henry to RSL rumors.
  • The cost is likely to be high, and at this stage players tend to be paid more than they are worth based on their reputation.

Edit: apparantly Garth Lagerway discussed Borgetti on the coaches show tonight and indicated that there is no truth to these rumors.