Monday, May 12, 2008

A Real World Review: May 12, 2008

A Real World Review
A Review of Week 7 for RSL
(Review compliments of SoccerPrime, aka Ethan Gomberg)

This Weeks Results: 2-1 Win over FC Dallas
Record: 2-3-2
Points: 8

Key Developments: RSL wins, and manages to hold on to a lead against Dallas in stoppage time.

What's right in the Real World: Many things could have gone wrong here, some things did. But positives outweigh the negatives. Beckerman and Morales scored. It was Morales first goal of the season. RSL looked dangerous for most of the game and had many shots that were on target saved by the heroics of the always melodramatic Sala. Speaking of keepers, RSL’s own Rimando had some key saves, including one stuff on Thompson that looked to be a one on one situation. And Cutler with an excellent pass to Williams to setup the final goal. What alternate reality am I in?

What's wrong in the Real World: Stoppage time is still too scary at Rice-Eccles. Maybe its just me, but that 3+ minutes of stoppage time coupled with past years’ experience, made it seem to last for an eternity. Besides that, Morales coming off the pitch hurt in the 2nd half seems to bode ill for RSL’s number 1 paid player. Will we see him against Colorado? RSL’s forward thinking team seems to forget defense some times. But hey, a win is a win.

A brief look at the week ahead: Colorado is spinning after a loss in Houston, which seem to be a very hard fought battle. New attacker McManus from UK was ejected with a red after he was subbed on the bench. But dangers await. RSL isn’t use to the wide open field of Dicks. Can RSL’s narrow field mentality work here? Hello Christian Gomez!

Final thoughts: After watching all the games this year, and matches throughout their 3+ seasons of play, RSL always leaves me cringing at the end. Even when we are winning. I want that to stop, please. But I have to say, for the first time, RSL doesn’t look gassed out by the 60th minute which always seemed to be the case before the “Kreis era”. RSL seemed to fiddle with the idea of bunkerball in the 2nd half, but they quickly went back on the attack, to which I was glad to see. What do I want to see now? I want to see Deuchar more involved. I want to see the other forwards, like Findley and Moysisyan, able to control the ball and give service to the other players. And score dang it!